Spa d’Isenbourg

As a guest in our hotel, you’ll enjoy free access to our Spa facilities, which include an indoor swimming pool, sauna, steam bath and jacuzzi.

We also offer a range of Decléor essential-oil skincare products, made with 100% natural ingredients. Our aestheticians will be happy to give you expert advice, while you sit back and indulge with personalised beauty treatment. Decléor specialises in cosmetic aromatherapy, using a range of essential oils, including the fragrant aromas of rose oil, geranium, sandalwood, lemon, peppermint, ylang-ylang, thyme, sweet orange and lavender. All these oils are scientifically recognised not just for their powerful skin properties, which help to firm up, stimulate, repair, stimulate, purify and rejuvenate the skin, but also the tonic effect they have on the body –ylang-ylang helps brighten your mood, rose oil will help combat depression and improve self-esteem, while lavender acts as a calming agent

  • The facial and bodycare rituals with essential oils offer a unique sensory experience which will help your body, your head and your skin achieve a wonderful sense of well-being.

  • Aromassage uses aromatherapy to help the body regain its energy, while leaving the skin soft and refreshed through a massage with natural essential oils. Just choose your product and let yourself be pampered!

  • And if you’re looking for ultimate well-being, take the plunge with our Evasions relaxation and skincare formula. Just choose the formula that best suits your needs and we’ll take care of the rest!

  • The Plaisir du moment care treatments change along with the seasons, not forgetting the classics like hand and foot care:

Wellness area is open
– Hotel guests :   8am to 9pm

Tel : 03 89 78 58 50