Our properties in France

Château d’Artigny
(opening in 1962)

A symbol of the Age of Louis XIV in Touraine (10 km south from Tours).

Château d’Isenbourg
(opening in 1974)

Property overlooking the old city of Rouffach on the Alsace wine route (10 km south from Colmar)

Le Choiseul
(opening in 1985)

Three charming residences erected in the 18th century charm at the foot of the château d’Amboise (25 km from Tours)

Château de Gilly
(opening in 1988)

The residence of the abbots of Cîteaux, in the centre of Burgundy’s greatest vineyards (20 km south from Dijon)

Château de l’Ile
(opening in 1994)

A typically Alsatian complex in a wooded meander of the Ill, the river that flows through. Strasbourg (6 km from Strasbourg, halfway between the airport and the centre of town).