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Château d'Artigny in South of Tours 4

Château d'Isenbourg près de Colmar
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Le Choiseul in Amboise 5

Château de Gilly en Bourgogne
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Château de l'Ile à Strasbourg  
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Les Grandes Etapes Françaises

The history of the Grandes Etapes Françaises is closely linked with that of its founders Simonne and René Traversac, true pioneers in the transformation of old chateaux and beautiful residences into luxury hotels.

Timeline (click dates) :


The hotelier adventure started

The hotelier adventure started for them in 1957 (they discovered a hitherto unknown world since René Traversac was up til then devoted to his company "Murray" which manufactured photo-cinema equipment) when they fell in love with the delightful manor of the PRIEURE near Saumur and its magnificent view over the Loire. After several years learning the job of hotelier in the gentle countryside of Anjou, they ventured into Touraine, buying the majestic CHÂTEAU d'ARTIGNY in 1960. Their passion for restoring and transforming old residences into luxury hotels became apparent when they set out to restore the former residence of the famous perfumer François Coty to the brilliance of its former glory.

Purchase of Domaine de Beauvois

Several years later, they fell in love with the beautiful property of the master of the DOMAINE DE BEAUVOIS and its 140 hectares of wood and grassland at the gateway to Tours and purchased it in 1966 .

Mas d'Artigny

Growing in confidence, they dreamt of building a hotel on the Côte d'Azur and piece by piece bought 8 hectares on top of a hill overlooking the sea in St Paul de Vence. They called upon the famous architect Fernand Pouillon to draw up the plans. After two years of work, closely followed by their eldest son Pierre, the splendid MAS D'ARTIGNY rose from the ground, dear to their hearts with its spacious rooms, gardens, sun and. 26 private pools! The opening took place in May of 1973 . Three properties in the Loire Valley, one on the Côte d'Azur, so why not one in Alsace near Colmar? Having accepted the original proposal from the union of wine merchants and wine growers for the Alsatian vineyard, René Traversac opened the CHÂTEAU d'ISENBOURG, an old fortress watching over the old town of Rouffach in 1973 .

Château De Divonne

It was then to Divonne , near Geneva where in 1984 they had the opportunity to purchase the Chateau-Hotel which belonged to the Count François-Paul de la Forest-Divonne for a nominal sum. They immediately understood that the excellent restaurant and exceptional view would attract people from nearby Geneva.

Opening of Choiseul

Following close on the heels of the Château de Divonne, the CHOISEUL opened in 1985 on the initiative of Pierre Traversac who fell under the spell of this 18th century on the banks of the Loire and at the foot of the Chateau d'Amboise.

Restoration and opening of the Château de Gilly

René Traversac was 74 and Simonne 67, when they took on the task one more time and embarked upon an enormous job at the CHÂTEAU DE GILLY, the superb former residence of the Abbots of Cîteaux from the 14th to the 18 th century, located between Dijon and Beaune at the heart of the great Burgundy vineyards. The opening took place in September 1988 .

Construction and opening of the Château de l'Ile

Taking up the torch, in turn Pierre Traversac and his wife Sophie were filled with enthusiasm for the Château de l'Île. Four hectares of peace and greenery close to Strasbourg and its airport, a genuine treasure. With the restoration and construction of a typical Alsacian complex around a chateau completed, this latest opening was held in April 1994 .