Our hotels from the sky with drone flights

Take off gently to discover our castles seen from the sky, architectural details, the surrounding countryside and … even a stork’s nest!

Château d’Isenbourg

Incredible panorama  : Alsatian vineyards, , Rhine plaine… and eve a Stork’s nest on the top of the tower

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Château de l’Ile

Overview during autumn with the nice colours of  the river banks.

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Château d’Artigny

Le Château d’Artigny dominates the Valley and is located in the heart of a large park.

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Le Choiseul

Thanks to this drone flight, you will notice the ideal location of the Choiseul between the Château d’Amboise and the Loire.

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Château de Gilly

Since the making of this video, the French gardens have been renovated, but this will give you an idea of ​​the architecture

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