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Château d'Artigny in South of Tours 4

Château d'Isenbourg près de Colmar
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arrow rougeRestaurant "L'Origan" arrow rougeRestaurant "Les Tommeries"

Le Choiseul in Amboise 5

Château de Gilly en Bourgogne
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arrow rougeRestaurant "le 36" arrow rougeRestaurant "Le Clos Prieur"

Château de l'Ile à Strasbourg  
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Château d'Artigny : Tours, Loire Valley

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Since 2000, the Loire Valley is a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, as "cultural landscapes", various architectures contrasting landscapes: troglodytes houses, renaissance castles, medieval fortresses, historic towns, gardens, abbeys...
Tours is 15 kilometres away: visit its historic city center and its museums...
Fortress of the Black Falcon 30 kilometres away, the oldest fortress of the ruthless count of Anjou, Foulques Nerra, has towered over the old town of Montbazon for over a thousand years.
Villandry Castle 30 kilometres away from Château d'Artigny, famous for its French-style gardens.
Azay le Rideau Castle 30 kilometres away, a symbol of the Renaissance.
Rigny-Ussé Castle 45 kilometres away is better known as Sleeping Beauty's castle.
Wine tasting 25 kilometres away. Stroll through the vineyards of Vouvray and taste its famous wines.

Ballan-Mire Golf Course, 17 kilometres from Château d'Artigny, is one of the finest golf courses in the Indre and Loire region.
Equestrian Sports Centre 30 kilometres away. This equestrian sports centre provides riding opportunities for the whole family.
"Air Magic Loire Valley" hot air balloons, 15 kilometres away. Discover the Tours area from a different perspective
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