Château d'Isenbourg : 餐馆 - Restaurant "les Tommeries"

ise chefAt the Tommeries, you will have access to two restaurant dining rooms with very definite characters.
The "Salle panoramique" is largely open onto the terrace and the Clos d'Isenbourg vineyards with the old town in the distance. In a Louis XV style, its crystal chandeliers, beautiful stone flooring and panoramic view give it great elegance.
Next door, the "Salle Dagobert", a very high vaulted room dating from the 12th century, charms with its authenticity and Louis XIII décor.

The terrace
As soon as the first fine days appear, it is a true pleasure to lunch or dine on the terrace overlooking the vineyard and the old town of Rouffach.

Our Chef, Matthias Lingelser
He offers traditional Alsace cuisine, but at times does not hesitate to cross borders to enrich his cuisine with multiple flavours.

Open all day
Lunch : noon to 1:30pm
Dinner : 7.30pm to 9:30pm

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