Château de l'Ile : 餐馆 - Restaurant

ile cht de l ile 57 bd 375Restaurant "Winstub de l'Ile "
This has all the charm of an Alsace brasserie with its typical welcoming decor: traditional benches, solid rustic chairs, decorated ceiling, and tinted windows. Enjoy a delicious meal of regional dishes and market produce.

Restaurant "Gourmet de l'Ile"
In this beautiful dining room which opens out onto the terrace and the wooded banks of the Ill, you will enjoy the warm, tasteful atmosphere of a 19 th century bourgeoisie house. The careful decoration and flavoursome and sophisticated cuisine work in perfect harmony with each other.

Water side Terrace
The Château de l'Ile also has, for the summer season, a terrace overlooking the Ill, where you can enjoy flavourful dishes in the shade of the trees bordering the river, a protected green jewel at the gateway to Strasbourg.

Our Chef Yannick Mattern
He develops his menus from the region's countryside and offers a flavourful cuisine which respects the fine produce. He likes to rework traditional Alsace dishes and present them in his own way, which he then offers in the two restaurants.

Winstub de l'Ile : open monday-friday
Gourmet de l'Ile : open thursday-sunday

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