Originally a Benedictine Priory under the rule of Germain, Bishop of Paris, Gilly was much later sold to the Cistercians. In the 16 th century, Nicolas Boucherat II, the 51 st Abbot of Cîteaux, decided to make it a house of relaxation. Pierre de Nivelle, who succeeded him in 1625, continued the work of embellishment with good taste and to him we owe in particular the current coat of arms of the “Château de Gilly” which was part of his own coat of arms. However, he did not transform the utilitarian rooms, such as the kitchen or the storeroom (now the drawing room and restaurant) which has retained their Cistercian strictness.

The French Revolution upset all of this and on 14 May 1790, the properties of the Cistercian monks were declared “public property”.

Les Grandes Etapes Françaises

The Château de Gilly had been listed as a historical monument in May 1978 but had been converted into a departmental theatre.

Grandes Etapes Françaises purchased it in December 1987. A formidable amount of work had to be envisaged in order to restore and transform buildings that were anything but comfortable and luxurious into a hotel and what was almost wasteland into a garden!
Opening of the hotel in September 1988.