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Château d'Artigny in South of Tours 4

Château d'Isenbourg près de Colmar
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Le Choiseul in Amboise 5

Château de Gilly en Bourgogne
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arrow rougeRestaurant "le 36" arrow rougeRestaurant "Le Clos Prieur"

Château de l'Ile à Strasbourg  
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Château de l'Ile : Gastronomy
02 January 2017 - 31 December 2017
You are less than 36 years old? Take advantage of this offer to discover a wonderful table at Le Gourmet de l'Ile. 63 € per person All included: wine
Château d'Isenbourg : Gastronomy
21 April 2017 - 22 December 2017
Gastronomy at low prices. You are less than 35 years old and want to offer yourselves the pleasures of a wonderful table to the castle of Isenbourg? 63€
Château de Gilly : Music
21 October 2017
Chateau de Gilly, between Dijon and Beaune (Burgundy), proposes four exceptional performances will be held in the lovely 'Salle des Tapisseries' of the
Château d'Artigny : Gastronomy
05 November 2017 00:00
Once per month (chek the agenda), discover our sunday Brunchs with the family, friends or your loved one at Château d'Artigny 45€ per persondrinks are
Château de l'Ile : Gastronomy
12 November 2017
Discover and enjoy the brunch at the Chateau with family or friends 45€ / person wines excepted The offer includes: From 11h to 14h, buffet of sweet and
18 November 2017
Chateau d'Artigny, proposes eight exceptional concerts. They will be held in the splendid 'grand salon Régence' of the property.