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Château d'Artigny in South of Tours 4

Château d'Isenbourg près de Colmar
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Le Choiseul in Amboise 5

Château de Gilly en Bourgogne
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Château de l'Ile à Strasbourg  
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Grandes Étapes Françaises : Weddings

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Our 5 chateaux and luxury hotels in France, all nested in vast parks or gardens, combine history, authenticity and professional service all together to meet your expectations.

Whatever your wedding style, a somptuous ceremony in a fairy-style chateau or a more intimate event in a charming residence, we will provide attentive service throughout this unique day.



artigny mariage 0061 - Château d'Artigny
This luxurious castle of the valley of the Indre, the dream Belle Époque castle of François Coty, is ideal to magnificent receptions.

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choiseul exterieures 0062 - Le Choiseul
Overhanging the Loire below the Royal castle of Amboise, Choiseul is a 18th century house typically from Tours very appreciated for is charm. Refinement and elegance are there.
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ile banquets mariages 0113 - Château de l'Ile
This traditional 19th Century offers unrivalled four-star service in a peaceful, authentic setting.
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isenbourg mariage 0114 - Château d'Isenbourg
A striking château in the heart of Alsace wine country, surrounded by vineyards with far-reaching views towards the Black Forest, Château d'Isenbourg is a renowned gastronomic gem on the Alsatian wine route town of Rouffach is a prestigious frame for you wedding organization
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gilly banquets mariages 0055 - Château de Gilly
The perfect location in Burgundy for your receptions, banquets, cocktails and weddings
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